Gardening and yardwork are great spring activities, but they can also cause pain. This could be muscle soreness, knee pain, back spasms, and more. At Back to Health Chiropractic in Kent, WA, our chiropractor can alleviate your gardening pain. Here are some tips on how to avoid pain while gardening or doing yardwork.

Stretch Before and During

Before going outside to work in the garden or perform other yard work duties, stretch your legs, neck, and spine to loosen the muscles and joints. Take short breaks to stand up and stretch as well, particularly if you’re doing a lot of bending or squatting. You want to keep your muscles loose and prevent tightening.

Shorten Outdoor Activities

Yard work is often strenuous and puts extra strain on your neck and spine with bending and pulling. Rather than overstraining and trying to get it all done at once, work in shorter spurts with breaks in between. Stretch during breaks if you’ve been sitting or bending over. Take a few minutes to sit and relax your muscles and joints before going back to strenuous activities.

Use Herbal Anti-Inflammatories

Fresh ginger and turmeric teas have anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate muscle pain from gardening. Simply add a few slices of the fresh root to a cup of hot water and enjoy. You can substitute a teaspoon or two of powdered ginger or turmeric. A freshly steeped cup of chamomile tea is relaxing and can help muscle pain and inflammation as well.

Consult with Our Chiropractor

In addition to these tips, seeing our chiropractor before the spring gardening season begins can help stop and prevent muscle pain. When your spine, muscles, and joints are in proper alignment, yard work and gardening become much more enjoyable. Contact Back to Health Chiropractic in Kent, WA today to find out how chiropractic care can get you ready for spring gardening.

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