Lower Back Pain

Move Past Chronic Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

Chronic pain can change your entire life. Whether you slow down or maintain a full schedule, the fatigue of constantly battling low back pain and other aches wears down your emotions and your stamina. Everyday activities can start to seem like overwhelming obstacles, and you may start to feel your personality change due to discomfort. However, there is a positive approach that can reduce your pain. At Back To Health Chiropractic, we offer the residents of Kent, Washington, and surrounding areas quality care that targets pain and improves overall well-being.


Low Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints chiropractors hear from patients. From poor posture to sports injuries, there are myriad ways to injure the back muscles. When untreated, a minor imbalance can easily turn into chronic pain without an easily identified source. Even traumatic injuries can affect your joint mobility in the back, which can lead to consistent pain.

Pain Relief Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Kent

It is easy to picture lower back pain and immediately see complicated surgical procedures or envision a life hunched over. For some people, chronic pains means taking prescription medications to ease the discomfort, but these medicines can bring with them other side effects.

Treatment from our chiropractor for back pain is varied, but often includes spinal adjustment. With spinal adjustments, our chiropractor applies a controlled force to the joints that have lost their mobility. They can help restore mobility in the joints. With an increased range of motion, muscular tightness dissipates and pain lessens or stops. Spinal adjustment is a common treatment plan for both traumatic injuries and stress injuries caused by repetitive movements or poor posture.  

A treatment plan may include other healing methods. Corrective exercises may help strengthen the back muscles, and our chiropractor may advise you on the best practices for posture.

Alleviate Your Low Back Pain with Non-Invasive and Safe Techniques

If your low back pain is beginning to take away the joy of your life or alter your behavior, visit Back To Health Chiropractic in Kent for a consultation. We can help you move past chronic pain and establish best practices for a happy, comfortable life. Contact us at 253-856-8868 to schedule an appointment.





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