If you’re struggling with health issues, it can be frustrating to know that you don’t have enough or any health care coverage to get the help that you need. At Back To Health, our Kent chiropractic care center, we understand how hard this situation can be, and we’re here to help.

Why Quick Care Matters

When it comes to pain, waiting is not usually a good idea. Many injuries tend to get worse over time, especially if the injury was originally caused by trauma or repetitive movement. For many injuries, such as whiplash, the best time to get treatment is before symptoms actually set in. Many people who do not have health care coverage wait until their pain becomes unbearable to seek treatment, but this can mean that the treatment required for recovery will be more extensive and time consuming than if they had sought out treatment when the injury or problem first occurred. When it comes to your health, don’t let your finances be the reason you don’t seek care.

How We Can Help

We believe that financial issues should not stop anyone from getting the health care they need. We offer a number of different options to our patients who do not have insurance that covers chiropractic care.

If you don’t have any insurance, or if your insurance doesn’t cover much when it comes to chiropractic care, we can help. We offer flexible payment plans. Many of our patients find that this allows them to get the care that they need, without creating financial stress.

If you do not have insurance and are also struggling financially, we are still here to help. Please call our office to discuss different options that will allow us to get you the care that you need. Do not feel like you need to wait until your pain becomes unbearable. We want to help you before your health becomes a crisis. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us about your current situation.

Call Our Chiropractic Care Center

If you’re looking for a chiropractor, look no further. Even if your current situation feels hopeless, we want you to give us a call so we can work out a plan to get you the care that you need. We never want to see anyone go without health care due to financial hardship. Call our office at (253) 856-8868 to talk about different options we can provide to you.